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Birds with boops

Mammological studies of female Ducks and other Ornitides

Indlæg ved Seminar 6 (dec. 2006) af Dr.don.ital. Giovanni Jacobini, gæsteprofessor, SAD 2007

Buon giorno, good day, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great pleasure for me to be here at l'Academia dello Donaldismo, as uno professore visitare, per che this is a place with so fine academic traditions. You have studied, discussed and disputed so many fine and interesting topics, and so, after I come here I have tried to learn and to get familiar with this.  And so, la seminare today is about sex, la sexologia della Duckburg, and so I was wondering, how can I contribute within the tradition? Well, some scholars, men, they like the legs, some men like the arse. Me: I like the boops. And today, I would like to touch ... this interesting thoroughly. Si, I think, at the seminare numero due, i dottori Dam e GrandjeAnd disputed over the question: do the Ducks, the female Ducks, have boops? Well, I have been investigating.

First, I have looked at if we have boops in Duckburg at all? Si, we do. Well, not we, but women do, the women of Duckburg, at least some of them. And it is very interesting that Donald, just like me, he seems to like the boops. Very much.

Kilde: Barks (1951) OS 308

But the boops do not always like him. Once again, unfortunately, just like me.

Kilde: Barks (1948) WDC 90

But Donald, he still like, when he sees the good boops on the women. If they are Human or if they are Kynoid (:dogfaced), that does not matter. If they are young and got good boops: he like!

Kilde: Vicar (2005) AA 48/2005

Kilde: Xavi (2000) JB 229

Even in his dreams, when he have nice dreams, about fame and popularity, the girls have good boops. Molto grande boops, no? Not very pretty face, but good boops, si. He like!

Kilde: B. Heymans (2005) DD(nl) 42/2005; AA 40/2006 Kilde: B. Heymans (2005) DD(nl) 42/2005; AA 40/2006

By the way, the male Ducks do not seem to be alone with this physiological preference.

Daisy, on the other hand, she don’t like.

Kilde: Taliaferro (1947) YD 47-03-05; AA 7/1952

Why not? Well, let’s look at Daisy. She is a very nice Duck, no? Molto sexy. Si!

Kilde: Barks (1968) WDCD 5

But she does not have the boops. No. She is quite flat-breasted, no? But is that just her? How about other Duck ladies? Well, I have looked, I have looked very carefully, but the boops are hard to find on the Duck ladies. Even on the sexy ones.

Kilde: Santanach (1991) AA 15/1991

Even though they are very hot, they are also very flat.

Kilde: Barks (1943) WDC 33; CBSV 1

Now, in some cases, you might see a liiitle hint of cleavage, no? But actually, that might only be the form of the dress and a very swayed back. Why does she do that? Well, the men, they like! Daisy, she don’t like.

Kilde: Barks (1958) DD 60; AA 25/2005

Below is another example of a young female Duck, where it actually could look a bit like a boop, and she obviously also have a very good response from the men, but she might be cheating by pressing up her chest with the  arm. And also, we should note that this is indeed not any Duck woman, this is Magica de Spella, who has transformed, so she might also be using magic.

Kilde: Branca (1990) AA 48/1990

Here she is again, but because of the sweater, it is hard to see if she has got boops or just a bumpy sweater. Anyway, the men are in this case not looking at her boops, they are looking at her bum.

Kilde: Branca (1990) AA 48/1990

And this, I think from my investigation, is an important conclusion: when male Ducks look at female Ducks, and when female Ducks want men to look at them, they present the bum. The bum, the men also like.

Kilde: Barks (1946) WDC 67; CBL 8     Kilde: Der Donaldist

But some men, like Donald - and me - still would like Duck women to have boops. So, if Donald was to make a robot Duck woman, she would have big boops.

Kilde: Andersen (2004) JB 287

But this is just a silly dream. Or is it? Is it possible for a Duck, for a female Duck - or any female Bird in Duckburg - to have boops? Well, yes it is! Take a look a this reporter from A.N., I do not know what kind of Bird she is, but I do know that she have the boops. And quite nice ones too, I think, no?

Kilde: Ferraris (2005) TL 2570; AA 24B/2006

And back in history, in medieval times, the famous Donald Lionduck also meet a girl with very good boops. In fact, it seems like they might be a little too much for him. Which I personally don’t understand, but still...

Kilde: Freccero (1997) TL 2150; JB 199

But is she a Duck? Well, I will leave that for the ethnologists to decide, but she does have a Duck-like beak, I would think. But perhaps she is not the same type of Duck as Donald?

The same can be said for the following two examples. According to the reporter Fecchi, one of the teachers at Duckburg School is also quite well-equipped in mammological sense, even to a degree that makes her bend her torso more forward than what we usually see with Ducks, and also a young version of Miss Quackfaster can according to reporter Lara Molinari present a distinct pair of boops.

Kilde: Fecchi (2005) JB 297  Kilde: Molinari (2004) TL 2530; JB 297

However, both of them are significantly taller than the average Duckburgian Whiteduck (Anatidas albus Duckburgensis), such as Donald and Scrooge, and in one picture, Miss Quackfaster the Younger even reveals that she belongs to one of the white-legged races.

Kilde: Molinari (2004) TL 2530; JB 297

So, don’t we have any examples of female Ducks of the same race or species as Donald, who has got the boops? Yes, one (or two, if you like): Goldie Glitter! The Bella Star of Alaska. She has got a nice pair.

Kilde: Don Rosa (1995) US 292; HEDLJ

But a strange thing is that she only has got the boops in the stories duckumented by Don Rosa! In the stories by Barks, she is quite flat. Molto strange, eh?

Kilde: Barks (1975) She was spangled and flashy; CBSV 11

Kilde: Barks (1975) She was spangled and flashy (detail); CBSV 11     Kilde: Barks (1975) She was spangled and flashy (skitse); CBSV 11

Certainly, in the examples below showing the same scene as reported by Barks and Don Rosa, you will note the significant difference on this matter, no?

Kilde: Barks (1953) OS 456; CBSV 11 Kilde: Barks (1953) OS 456; CBSV 11

Kilde: Don Rosa (2006) AA 22/2006

How can this be? Now, I know that some of you (no names mentioned) will say that this is because we cannot trust Don Rosa as a source, since he draws what he likes too see. And so, maybe, he also likes to see the boops?

Maybe. But there is also another possible explanation. Maybe Disney publishers do not like the boops? At least, not on Ducks. Why do I say this? Well, you remember this sexy Duck? She is a sexy lady with no name, who comes to the beach, where Donald is a lifeguard, in a story by Barks from 1943. She is very nice, and Donald: he like. Now, her bathing suit is very tight, so you can clearly see that she has no boops. No, no boops at all.

Kilde: Barks (1943) WDC 33; CBSV 1     Kilde: Barks (1943) WDC 33; CBSV 1

Or has she? Well, according to Carl Barks himself, he did originally picture her with big boops! Si! But, the publishers at Western did not like it, so they make him erase the boops and make her flat-chested. Barks said that you can actually see this, because her new chest was drawn with a thinner line (CBSV 1, p. 140). Now, I have looked, I have looked very close, believe me, but I cannot see this difference. However, this is the story. And if it is true, I say: big shame on Disney-publishers for taking away the boops on the Duck women. Because I think, many of us, just like Donald: We like!

Kilde: Barks (1943) WDC 33; CBSV 1 (attempted reconstruction)


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